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A box of 50 Embrace Diabetic Test Strips

Embrace Test Strips are affordable and reliable test strips manufactured by Omnis Health. With these strips there is no coding required.


To help provide a more accurate and less painful testing experience, Embrace test strips offer Under Fill technology and require only a small blood sample. Under Fill technology makes sure enough of the sample has been applied to the strip for testing. This ensures there is enough blood not to give a false low reading, which can occur with other test strips.


Alternative Site Testing is also an option because of the small sample size that is needed. Omnis Health designed this test strips with one thing in mind, to provide the user with an overall more pleasurable testing experience.


Embrace No Code Test Strips are for use with the Embrace Meter only.


Looking to Save Money?

Sometimes we have test strips that are approaching their expiration dates. We offer discounted prices on these items. If you know that you’re going to to be using them, this is a great opportunity for you to save a few bucks.



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