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FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Test Strips

FreeStyle Lite test strips are well liked by many and have become one of our top selling brands of test strips. During its development, insights from both healthcare providers and patients were used to ensure the best testing experience available.

FreeStyle Lite test strips uses the patented ZipWik technology on their strips. The ZipWik tabs break the surface tension of the blood sample for quick and easy absorption. FreeStyle Lite test strips make it even easier to test by requiring one of the smallest sized blood samples (less than 1/3 the amount required by OneTouch Ultra test strips).

Try FreeStyle Lite test strips and see for yourself.


  • Only 0.3 microliter blood sample necessary
  • ZipWik technology for quick and easy absorption
  • Box of 50
  • For use with FreeStyle Lite Meter and FreeStyle Freedom Lite Meter


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