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Kendall Healthcare’s Monoject Ultra Comfort 29g 0.5cc syringe has a 12.7mm (1/2″) needle and is an insulin syringe that lives up to its name and is practically the utmost in comfort being practically pain-free, especially if you need to administer several injections per day.

As with the other Monoject Ultra Comfort syringes, this syringe was designed and engineered primarily with comfort, safety and accuracy in mind, being made from surgical grade electro-polished stainless steel, incorporating state-of-the-art needle point geometry to maximize comfort, with each syringe being wrapped individually to provide maximum protection and to guarantee the sterility of the fluid path.

The comfort of the injection is enhanced with a coating of superior grade lubricant and a bonding of epoxy to provide additional strength and comfort. Safety is emphasized throughout, with the orange sheath color-coded to match the designation of U-100 insulin to avoid use of the wrong insulin type, and the needle is permanently attached so as to minimize insulin waste.

Accuracy is assured through graduations that are precisely printed and clear with large bold numbers making them much easier to read and therefore measure.


Kendall Healthcare’s Monoject Ultra Comfort 29 Gauge 0.5cc syringe features:

  • 29 gauge 0.5cc – 50 units or less of U-100 insulin
  • 12.7mm (1/2″) needle
  • Single step peel away packaging opens quickly and easily for aseptic handling
  • Individually wrapped for sterility
  • Non-pyrogenic (does not produce heat), non-toxic, latex-free
  • Low dead space means more accurate dosage with minimal waste of insulin
  • Permanently attached needle also keeps insulin waste to a minimum
  • Large, bold numbers provide clear, easy to read markings allowing for accurate measurement of medication
  • Sheath is orange to ensure correct match with insulin type U-100
  • Flat plunger-tip lines up with scale markings
  • Precise graduations with large, bold numbers, making markings clear and easy to read
  • More comfort provided by superior grade lubricant
  • Made from surgical grade stainless steel that has been electro-polished using state-of-the-art needle point geometry and strengthened through epoxy bonding


  • 100 single-use syringes


  • Manufactured by Kendall Healthcare


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