OneTouch Verio 50ct Test Strips


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A RetailBox of 50 OneTouch Verio Test Strips

  • Color screen and big numbers, OneTouch® Verio®IQ makes your results pop.
  • OneTouch® Verio®IQ lights up the test strip port and screen, so you can test anytime – day or night
  • OneTouch® Verio® Test Strips use our smallest sample size ever. Plus, you can apply blood to either side of the test strip, so it’s great for righties and lefties.
  • Friendly on-screen messaging and one-step tagging help you make sense of your results.
  • No coding, flexibility to test using either side of the test strip and it’s easy to see when you’ve applied enough blood.

Use with OneTouch Verio Family of Meters.

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